Chair’s Annual Report 2023


October 30th 2023

PREAMBLE: The focus of activities for the executive and directors of the Pemberton & District Health Care Foundation since the AGM of 2020 has been to upgrade and strengthen the infrastructure of the board through the development of tools and educating directors in the protocols required to conduct the business of the Foundation. 

Reinstating the status of the Foundation with CRA was a major goal at this time. in order to comply with the current CRA changes this required the updating of our constitution and bylaws. This was achieved with the assistance of a lawyer specialized in these procedures. The Foundation was reinstated and the board proceeded to move forward with developing a five- year strategic plan which included a communication plan to guide the future directions of the organization and engage the community. Until these goals were achieved, regular fundraising was suspended. 

The one fundraising event held during this time was an online raffle for a pair of diamond earrings. The funds raised were used to offer a bursary of $2,000 in 2022 and 2023 to a local student entering the second year of a health- related post graduate program. The Legacy Bursary was given in honour of a well- respected community nurse, Lynne Currie, who lost her battle with cancer in 2021.

Strengthening relationships with our funding partners: Vancouver Coastal Health, Sea to Sky Regional Hospital District, local government and other Foundations in our region was another goal pursued by the executive.  


Updating constitution and bylaws: Numerous meetings were held between the executive (particularly treasurer Karen Ross) and the lawyer hired to consult on upgrading our constitution and bylaws.

Board education and development of a strategic plan: A facilitated workshop was held in 2020 during which time a five -year strategic plan was developed and participants were made familiar with the roles and responsibilities required of board members. During the following months a communication plan and actions to implement the plan were developed. As part of the plan a new and updated website, to reflect the future directions of the Foundation, was developed. Planning for an event to launch these new directions have been put on hold until this work is complete.  

Enhancing Management tools: The executive spent considerable time on researching and accessing on-line tools to streamline financial and communication activities for the board. Secretary Patty has spent considerable time setting up a Google communication for the board as well as helping with many other communication activities. We will now be using the Canada Helps program for processing donations and providing receipts and thank you letters. This program will greatly reduce the work of the treasurer. 

Building relationships: Over the past months I have had numerous communications with VC management. The new VP for Sea to Sky and I have met and she also attended a board meeting to outline her role as well as discuss the process for assessment of facility needs across Vancouver Coastal. I have also had meetings/conversations with PHCC staff/managers. The Coastal Foundations group meets on Zoom every six weeks. I have attended these meetings and have found them very useful and supportive. The Whistler Health Care Foundation chair and administrative assistant have been especially supportive, sharing documents and providing advice. I have also had meetings with mayor Richmond and members of the Sea to Sky Regional Hospital board to advocate for partnering with the Foundation in a capital campaign to expand facilities and services at PHCC.

Grants and fundraising: Application was made for a grant from the Recovery and Resiliency fund. Unfortunately, we were unsuccessful. We received a grant of $1,200 from the VOP as well as $5,000 from Area C. These funds were allocated for contracting part -time paid administrative help as well as the development of a new website. Contracts to develop the website were awarded and work commenced. The $5,000 contract for administrative help is yet to be awarded.

The major fundraising project was an online raffle for a pair of diamond earrings. Thanks to Barb Turrin and the Fundraising committee for successfully raising over $5,000 for two bursaries (2022 & 2023) that were awarded to two local students commencing their second year of nursing. It was necessary to apply for a special licence from the Gaming Commission. This was a time consuming and costly process.   The Lynne Currie Legacy bursary was in remembrance of a long-time and well – respected local nurse who lost her battle with cancer in 2020. 

Thank you to all the directors for their commitment and hard work over this period of time. The next challenge for the Foundation will be to recruit directors with the appropriate skills and understanding of the health care needs of the community to fill the executive positions that will be vacant in the coming term.  Recruitment of general members who will engage in the work of the Foundation is also needed.

Thank you for your support over my two – year tenure as board president.

Marnie Simon RN, MN,

Out – going president 

Pemberton and District Health Care Foundation